The World Is Full of Expensive Doughnuts

I was traveling to work today and I decided against my better judgment to stop and get some Crispy Cream Doughnuts and an ice tea.  Now I usually would get two doughnuts and Vitamin water but today I opted for three doughnuts and a tea instead.  So where is all this going?  Well let me […]

3 Ways to Become A Millionaire

  In the grand scheme of things there are many ways to become a millionaire, but did you know there are three ways that make it much easier to get the job done.  The one thing that is very interesting about each of these three ways to become a millionaire is that they are all […]

Success Quotes Derek Jeter New York Yankees

“If you’re going to play at all, you’re out to win. Baseball, board games, playing Jeopardy, I hate to lose.” Derek Jeter New York Yankees Baseball Team

How to Be Prepared

The difference between being good at what you do and really stinking the joint up in most cases is preparation.  You know the art of being prepared. At my companies we constantly talk about preparedness.  If you are not prepared then you are winging it, and if you are winging it then most likely you […]

10 Ways to Make Cold Calling Easier

  So you are task with cold calling each and every day.  Your livelihood depends on you getting results from your cold calling efforts.  You want to make cold calling easier and you are not sure how to go about doing that.  Well here are ten ways to make cold calling easier.  These are ten […]

Success Quote Helen Keller

  “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light”. Helen Keller

An Easy Way to Double Your Income

An Easy Way to Double Your Income Want To Double Your Income This Year?   Read An Hour A Day! When I first heard Brian Tracey say this, I scoffed at the idea.  I thought it was just more success babble. Lucky for me, I continued to read on and really dove into what Brian Tracey […]

Get A Promotion By Knowing What You Do Not Know

People who know what they do not know tend to have the following attributes.  They tend to be confident and sure of themselves.   They tend to have high self esteem, andbecause of this they do not feel the need to be right all the time.   They tend to be more open to people helping them […]

Best Free Success Website

Best Free Success Website If you find yourself asking the question what is the best free success website, then ask no more.  Top Success Site is the best free success website.  At we provide the best practical and free success advice on the web.  The Top Success Site is read by thousands of people.  […]

How to Dress for Business

How Men Should Dress In the Business World I am constantly amazed by people who come to work every day and have no idea how to dress for business.  Gentlemen, it is just not that hard to figure out.  I am big believer in dressing right.  My first impression of you will always be based […]

5 Ways to Win the Race

If life is a race, then here are 5 great ways to win the race fo life! Life is often compared to a race.  Many of us choose to see life as a race.  Well if you are one of those people then here are 5 Ways to Win the Race.  In other words these […]

3 Cold Calling Techniques

If you are the person sitting on the phone all day having to make cold calls, I am going to give you 3 simple ways to improve your cold calling results.  These are cold calling ideas that you might not find as technical as some of the other things you have read about cold calling, […]

Choose Your Words Wisely

If you are not sure what to say in a situation, then it is always better to take a minute and make certain what you choose to say next is the right thing. I did not say the thing you feel like saying; I said the right thing to say! If you have never heard […]

Best Information on How to Be Successful

How to Be Successful Everyone wants to be successful, but many people are not sure how to be successful. Success is within everyone’s reach. Most people are very close to achieving success. They really want to achieve success, but they simply do not have the information on how to be successful. The best information on […]

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