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Jeff Moore National Success SpeakerJeff Moore Bio

Jeff T. Moore was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He attended nationally recognized Saint Xavier High School located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He studied Communications and Marketing at the Ohio State University.

Known as a top corporate innovation and idea expert, Jeff Moore has sat on the Board of Directors for multiple companies and has held the title of both President and CEO for various companies. His dynamic entrepreneur and leadership skills made him a millionaire before the age of 35.

His record of success and his money making know how has allowed him to consistently find himself at the top of the business world.  His proven track record of success when it comes to business start ups and positioning companies for successful and profitable business growth has made him a valued asset to both the companies he owns and the companies he works with internationally.  Jeff has consistently demonstrated the ability to drive multimillion dollar sales growth.  He is the quintessential leader and his strong leadership skills have allowed his companies to dominate in highly competitive markets.

As a member of the Board of Directors for various companies, Jeff has imparted knowledge that has allowed those companies to capture millions of dollars in revenue as well as key market share.  He is an expert at business start ups as well as having a reputation for being one of the top business growth experts in the Telecommunications industry, and a corporate turn around artist based on his success with turning companies around. and making  them into highly successful and profitable companies.

Jeff has also found success as an accomplished writer as well.  He has written over 300 articles that have been published on more than thirty websites.   His articles have been read by millions of readers.  The topics on his work ranges from technologically based writing down to business success ideas.  They have included historical writing and sports writing as well.  Jeff has also had over 60,000 people over the past two years view a variety of videos he has shot on various topics including sports, business, and many other interesting topics.

Jeff Moore has been a guest speaker on radio, been featured in print, and spoken at corporations, schools, and Universities on technology, business strategy, and business success in general. He is a sought after business leader and an innovator, and he is recognized in the Who’s Who of Business Executives. He has won many business awards over his years and has been recognized as a top achiever in many business capacities. Jeff Moore, both personally and through One Source Mobile also made the commitment to give back to the community both financially and with his time. He and One Source Mobile have used his business and leadership skills to work with many charities to help increase awareness for their organizations and drive funding for their continued efforts.

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