The Importance of Small Business to the United States

The next time you find yourself wondering just how important small business is in the United States, I want you to remember these words, IT IS HUGE!  I have taken the liberty to share some statistics on small business in the Unites States.  These are some interesting numbers that will shed some quick light on […]

How to Get What You Want

The age old question, how do I get what I want.  I run into people all the time that ask me how they can get what they want.  They look at the successful people around them and cannot figure out why they seem to get what they want more often than not. I am here […]

Best Advice for Having A Great Year

We offer to you the best advice for having a great year.  Use this information to insure that you have the most success this year!   1.    Life will give you what you focus on: I don’t think I can say anymore about this.  What we think about is what we become.  Make sure your […]

Top Secret about Men and Women

So you have been in a relationship with someone from the opposite sex.  Maybe you have been in many relationships with people from the opposite sex.  You want to have a better relationship with the opposite sex whether it is your boy friend, husband, girlfriend, or wife.   Then this is the article that may change your […]

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