Choose Your Words Wisely

If you are not sure what to say in a situation, then it is always better to take a minute and make certain what you choose to say next is the right thing. I did not say the thing you feel like saying; I said the right thing to say!

If you have never heard someone utter these words, then you actually have no idea what they really mean until the day you find yourself there. “It takes a lifetime to build a relationship, and a minute to destroy it by saying the wrong thing. Always choose your words wisely. It is so hard sometimes to choose our words wisely because at times taking the high road seems to be such a monumental task.

We have all been in that heated discussion with someone we care about, and we just want to lash out to let them know we are not a doormat, to let them know we are finally totally fed up, to say something that might hurt them. These are the times that it is most important to choose your words wisely. I did not say it was easy, but you will thank yourself later.

Relationships with loved ones, working relationships, and social relationships are not easy to build. We are all going to be challenged at some point. There is no worse feeling than knowing you just said something to someone that you care about or respect, and with the simple words you said, you have permanently effected what was a good thing.

When in doubt or not if you are not sure what to say, take a breath and always choose your words wisely. It may require you to be a bigger person, but you will be glad you did the right thing and chose your words wisely.


  1. Reading your post made me immediately think of two Scriptural principles, “An answer when mild turns away rage” and “Before the quarrell breaks out, take your leave.”

    It is such a true statement when you say that relationships have been destroyed in a moment by thoughtless words. As humans we have the almost reflect action to want to strike back when someone hurts us, but ultimately being able to restrain ourselves work for good. You’ve shared some great points on the wisdom of choosing our words wisely. Thank you, Jeff.

    • Jeff Moore says:


      Thank you for the nice words. We have all been in that situation with someone we love and respect, and we give in and decide to speak our mind without considering all of the past and the great things that person bring to our lives. So without thinking we choose to let them have it and don’t really think about the words we choose to use. The relationships we have with people should be more important than us blowing someone up over something that in the grand schemes may not be that big of deal.

      I really enjoy reading your website Thanks for all the great ideas and insight!

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