15 Traits of Millionaires, the Mindset of the Rich and Affluent

Do you want to be a millionaire?  Here are 15 traits of a millionaire. So you want to be a millionaire?  What is the mindset of the rich and affluent when it comes to success?  What mental makeup does that millionaire have that you might not?  I have taken the time to list 15 key mental […]

10 Ways to Impress People at Your Next Job Interview

Get the job of your dreams, and shine at your next interview. Here are 10 ways to easily impress the person you are interviewing with and to get your dream job.  I have done hundreds and hundreds of interviews to hire top people at my companies.  Trust me; it is not hard to quickly assess […]

The Magic Word Is Still So Magic!

Remember when you were little.  There were two magic words that your mom and Dad always tried to get you to use, please and thank you!  Both of those words hold a lot of clout in today’s world despite the art of using them seems to be quickly disappearing.  The one we are going to […]

Success Quote

  “Don’t forget what happened to the man that got everything he ever wanted.   He lived happily ever after” Gene Wilder /Willie Wonka

Success Quote


  “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your           enthusiasm.” Sir Winston Churchill

Ten Things That Successful People Do Not Do

If you want to be successful, stay away from these ten things successful people do not do! If you really want to be successful then you are going to have to do the work.  Here are ten things that successful people do not do.  So if you want to join the ranks of the successful […]

If Success Was Easy, Everyone Would Be Successful

Success Is Not Easy To Achieve. Tips On How To Achieve Success! You know this may sound funny, but it is the truth.  If success came in a jar then everyone would buy it so they could have it.  In other words if success was easy, everyone would be successful.  News flash, success is not […]

Your Pay Is Based On Your Value

I am always asked by people I speak to “How can I make more money”?  This question seems to plague most people, and when I tell them the answer they are surprised how simple the answer actually is.  If you want to make more money, then increase your value to others. The money you make […]

The Smartest Person in the Room?

Smartest Guy In The Room Photo

If you walk into meetings day in and day out and consistently think you are the smartest one in the room, then I can assure you with complete confidence that you are not. One of the top things I have seen keep people from finding success is consistently thinking they are always the smartest person […]

Define Your Success

Have You Defined What Success Means to You Yet? If you have not defined what success means to you and really drilled down to what your success would look like, then now may be a good time to do so.  By the way we are not talking about thinking about it for ten minutes while you down […]

Knowledge is Power, So Start Reading!

Hey, if you are truly serious about being successful, then you have to be reading every day.  Self education is a cornerstone of success for most millionaires.  Millionaires go out of their way to be the smartest in their field.  This means you have to read. Let me give you some very simple data.  If […]

A Secret Way To Find Out What Your Customer Is Thinking

It seems like once a year, I gather my new employees around a big table in our corporate conference room.  I shut the door and explain to them the following: I am about to tell you a success secret that will change your  life forever.  What I am going to tell you will give you […]

How To Be Tenacious

Tenacity is the art of being Tenacious. You know the word right? Tenacious means persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired according to Webster’s Dictionary. This is a word that screams success. The word tenacity at times says it all. If you want to be successful, get to know this word. […]